Hennie Strauss, New SATA President

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After the resignation of Ruan Moutan, SATA raised a vote to have a new president selected that would lead and improve touch rugby in South Africa. SATA is glad to announce that Hennie Strauss has been elected president of the South Africa Touch Association.

Hennie started playing Touch at end of 2000 socially during his Matric final exams at Edenvale Rugby Club; “healthy body healthy mind”. After Matric he studied Computer Science and kept on playing touch rugby on the odd occasion but mainly as a means to keep his fitness and skill levels up for rugby.

 After his studies he left South Africa to further his career in IT in the UK and carried on playing rugby. It was only when he returned to South Africa in 2004 that he started playing touch rugby a bit more seriously and was selected to represent Easterns at the 2005 Senior IPT in Durban.

From that tournament in Durban his love for touch rugby grew exponentially as the touch rugby community, sport and friends were just something he hadn’t experienced before in any other sport.

He left South Africa again in 2007 for London (yet another career move) but carried on playing Touch for Hot Custard (#456) in the London leagues as well as the National Touch Series over the 2008 Summer Season. He returned to South Africa at the end of 2008 and was voted in as Easterns Chairman at the beginning of 2009 which was a daunting task but a great privilege which he accepted with open arms.

He finished up my rugby career in 2009 at Wits Rugby club and only kept playing on the odd occasion dedicating all his time from that point into touch rugby. At the AGM in 2010 he was voted in as SATA vice president and over the past 5 years he has been working behind the scenes with the various portfolio heads planning and executing ways to improve the various pitfalls they’re facing today.

The successes he has enjoyed though over the past 6 years can directly attribute to the support he has received from the SA touch rugby community and SATA EXCO Members.

Without their guidance and trustworthy support he wouldn’t be where he is today and will forever be grateful for the unlucky ones who had to listen to me for hours about my views on Touch and still having some energy to contribute to the discussion.

In starting this new chapter in the position of SATA President he truly hopes that he can count on the continuous/ongoing support from all association committees and members to help grow this wonderful sport we all love and cherish. There is much work to be done but he believes we can all share in the many successes that will follow by working together and applying our minds & channeling our energy in the right direction.

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